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Journal of Human-Robot Interaction, Volume 6 Issue 1, May 2017

Editorial introduction: impact, sustainability, and inclusion for JHRI
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, Selma Šabanović
Pages: 1-3
DOI: 10.5898/JHRI.6.1.Jenkins

Dear colleagues in the HRI community, JHRI needs you!

It gives us great pleasure to join the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) as the new Editors-in-Chief. We are truly honored to serve the human-robot interaction (HRI) community in...

Behavioral objects: the rise of the evocative machines
Florent Levillain, Elisabetta Zibetti
Pages: 4-24
DOI: 10.5898/JHRI.6.1.Levillain

A new race of artifacts comes equipped with behavioral properties. Those properties transmute the very nature of the object, granting it a life of its own and a special status that stems from the psychological attributions humans naturally produce...

Social eye gaze in human-robot interaction: a review
Henny Admoni, Brian Scassellati
Pages: 25-63
DOI: 10.5898/JHRI.6.1.Admoni

This article reviews the state of the art in social eye gaze for human-robot interaction (HRI). It establishes three categories of gaze research in HRI, defined by differences in goals and methods: a human-centered approach, which focuses on...

Enabling robots to understand indirect speech acts in task-based interactions
Gordon Briggs, Tom Williams, Matthias Scheutz
Pages: 64-94
DOI: 10.5898/JHRI.6.1.Briggs

An important open problem for enabling truly taskable robots is the lack of task-general natural language mechanisms within cognitive robot architectures that enable robots to understand typical forms of human directives and generate appropriate...