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Editorial introduction

Dear colleagues in the HRI community, JHRI needs you! It gives us great pleasure to join the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) as the new Editors-in-Chief. We are truly honored to serve the human-robot interaction (HRI) community in this role, and brimming with excitement for the journal in the coming years.... (more)

Behavioral objects

A new race of artifacts comes equipped with behavioral properties. Those properties transmute the very nature of the object, granting it a life of its own and a special status that stems from the psychological attributions humans naturally produce when confronted by autonomous movements. This article examines what makes behavioral objects special... (more)

Social eye gaze in human-robot interaction

This article reviews the state of the art in social eye gaze for human-robot interaction (HRI). It establishes three categories of gaze research in HRI, defined by differences in goals and methods: a human-centered approach, which focuses on people's responses to gaze; a design-centered approach, which addresses the features of robot gaze behavior... (more)

Enabling robots to understand indirect speech acts in task-based interactions

An important open problem for enabling truly taskable robots is the lack of task-general natural language mechanisms within cognitive robot... (more)


CFP: Special issue on Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (AI-HRI)


Developing such systems often involves innovations and integrations between many deep and diverse technical areas, including but not limited to task and motion planning, learning from demonstration, dialogue synthesis, activity recognition and prediction, human behavior modeling, and shared control. For this special issue we are soliciting high quality, original articles that present the design and/or evaluation of novel computational techniques and systems at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-robot interaction research. We aim to bring together a wide variety of articles to showcase the state-of-the-art in AI-HRI within a single issue of the world's leading journal of Human-Robot Interaction research. Special Issue webpage

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