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The Effect of Personalization in Longer-Term Robot Tutoring

The benefits of personalized social robots must be evaluated in real-world educational contexts over periods of time longer than a single session to... (more)

Facilitating Human-Mobile Robot Communication via Haptic Feedback and Gesture Teleoperation

In this article, we present a bi-directional communication scheme that facilitates interaction between a person and a mobile robot that follows the... (more)

Development and Validation of the Self-Efficacy in Human-Robot-Interaction Scale (SE-HRI)

This methodological article discusses the influence of individuals’ beliefs about their abilities to use and control robotic technologies on... (more)

Planning with Verbal Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration

Human collaborators coordinate effectively their actions through both verbal and non-verbal communication. We believe that the the same should hold... (more)


Special issue on Representation Learning for Human and Robot Cognition

Intelligent robots are rapidly moving to the center of human environment; they collaborate with human users in different applications that require high-level cognitive functions so as to allow them to understand and learn from human behavior within different Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) contexts. Read more here.

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